Pre-Columbian Art - Important American Collection - Third Part - A Selection of Art

After the magnificent success of our last two sales concerning this exceptional American collection, we were lucky, thanks to the friendship and trust we have with this New York family, to be able to choose and select again a series of one of the world's most remarkable and unique collections of Mesoamerica, Central America and South America, eighty-three masterpieces with formidable pedigrees originally from famous merchants or prestigious collections, often on loan in major exhibitions or on permanent loan in major museums such as the Brooklyn Museum of Art, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Art Institute of Chicago. A great collection can only have been created by a man of taste, an experienced esthete and of course a great patron. By its diversity, this sale is for collectors with very different tastes. They are invited to discover surprisingly contemporary works, to dream about the plastic beauty of this statuary from the depths of time and to contemplate as they please what Andre Malraux had called "the Imaginary Museum of World Sculpture"
  Culture Colima, Mexique occidental
  Protoclassique, 100 avant J.-C.-250 après J.-C.
  H. 33,7 cm – L. 25,4 cm
  Provenance :
  Ancienne collection Proctor Stafford, Chicago

  Culture Mochica, Nord du Pérou
  Intermédiaire ancien, 200-600 après J.-C.
  H. 19,1 cm
  Provenance : Sotheby's, New York,
  23 novembre 1992, lot 12

  Culture Olmèque, Puebla, Mexique
  Préclassique moyen, 900-400 avant J.-C.
  H. 19,1 cm
  Provenance :
  D. Daniel Michel, Chicago, acquis en 1959

  Culture Olmèque, Las Bocas, Mexique
  Préclassique ancien, 1200-900 avant J.-C.
  H. 22,7 cm
  Provenance :
  Merrin Gallery, New York, 1991

  Culture Chontal, État du Guerrero, Mexique
  Préclassique récent, 300-100 avant J.-C.
  H. 40,6 cm
  Provenance :
  Merrin Gallery, New York
  Publication :
  Gay, Carlo et Robin Chontal - Genève, 2001,
  fig. 146