ARTAUD (Antonin).

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ARTAUD (Antonin).
The emission of Mr. Antonin Artaud... AUTOGRAPHIC DOCUMENT in green ink with 13 autograph signatures including Jean PAULHAN, Georges LAMBRICHS, Pierre MINET, Edouard HELMAN, Marcel BISIAUX, Dominique AURY, Edith BOISSONNAS, Charles AUTRAND, etc. 1 page in-4. (1948).
Protest against the prohibition of the radio program Pour en finir avec le jugement de dieu. Artaud will dictate this text the day after the decision: ...considering that a great number of people remain eager to hear it, it asks that a new programming can be made which allows all the free amateurs of Radio to listen to it completely. But let's go back a bit... At the end of November 1947, on the initiative of Fernand Pouey, director of literary broadcasts of the French Radio, Artaud recorded Pour en finir avec le Jugement de Dieu after a preparatory work of two weeks. Maria Casarès, Roger Blin and Paule Thévenin lend their voices. The program was scheduled for February 2, 1948 at a time of low listening, but Wladimir Porché, the director general of the radio, afraid of the "language too raw" of Artaud, forbade its broadcast. The press seized on the affair, which made a big fuss. Two private hearings were held. At the end of the first one, a jury, composed of personalities of letters and theater, is unanimously favorable to the diffusion. In vain, because M. Porché maintains his veto. Artaud will then ask Pouey, who will resign from his post at the radio shortly after, that a new audition takes place in a larger room - a disused cinema, - the Washington -, without more results. It is at the end of one or the other of these private auditions that the protest was signed by the members of the jury.
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