ARTAUD (Antonin).

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ARTAUD (Antonin).
Autograph letter signed to Henri THOMAS. Ivry, December 7, 1947, 4 pages in-8 on lined paper in green ink.
Very beautiful letter, vehement, two days after the internment of Colette Thomas in a clinic of Vésinet where she will undergo several sessions of electroshock.
I am writing to you urgently because it is urgent in this case. I don't want to seem to be involved in something that doesn't concern me (...) Colette Thomas must not be given even the shadow of an electroshock. He knows that legally the family can oppose a treatment that would be imposed by a doctor and that would seem inadequate to him. I know that Colette's mother and aunt are absolutely incompetent in this matter and that they say if this treatment is going to do her good, why shouldn't it? He pleads with Thomas to oppose Colette's treatment with electroshock, that as her husband and spouse his voice and decision are paramount over that of the mother and aunt... As someone who has been there 50 times and who has undergone 50 electroshock comas, I can tell you again that electroshock is death. And one does not impose on a patient a supposed death where one does not know where the patient is sent under the pretext of curing her and of finding her again when she returns from this trip to the afterlife, this treatment is a real murder (...) without counting a thousand other inconveniences on which I will have the opportunity to come back with you in person. The main thing is to oppose the treatment first, then you will see. I am your wholeheartedly. He adds in P.S.: Do not allow Colette to come back to you when she returns from death.
Traces of folds.
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