ARTAUD (Antonin).

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ARTAUD (Antonin).
Autograph letter signed to René and Yvonne Allendy. Berlin, April 23, 1932, 6 pages (4 in-8 and 2 in-4), envelope kept in the name of Mrs. Allendy.
Beautiful letter.
Artaud has just finished his article "sur le théâtre alchimique" (on the alchemical theater), he evokes his stay in Berlin: "The atmosphere of Berlin is also at times favorable to production. Cinematographically speaking, I was in a cheap film [Coup de feu à l'aube by Serge de Poligny], a shabby film in which they wanted to dress me as Judex because I was playing a black role. I protested and it will be changed but you see in which waters I swim. He is very annoyed with his translation [Crime of passion by Ludwig Lewisohn] whose publication has been announced by Bernard Steele and from which he wants to withdraw his name, he asks Allendy to intervene if he can and also to send him laudanum, at least forty grams: my oppression in the middle of work is going to be a terrible thing, almost insurmountable! Then he speaks again about cinema and theater: Here I have the impression not that it boils but rather that it agonizes. More than a trickle of pulse. Ufa is the only company in the world that still produces films in French. In France itself there is nothing left. The French actors here are on their backsides when they see German theater, or so it seems, because I haven't seen anything new since my last stay when I saw Piscator and Reinhardt [...] we play, we dare to go to the end of the expression. This is one of the sides of what I want to do less the shift in the unreal and it is simply or it should be the alphabet of the real theater. As the alphabet of hieroglyphs on the Roselle stone is a kind of mystical language in sum reduced to signs wrapped in spirituality, with limbs, joints of tail and flesh inextricably intertwined with spiritual meaning ... It is then question of the actor Dalio who has colossal debts, of Serge Moreux who is losing his sight and that Soulié de Morant could perhaps save. He asked if the research he had done for a book by Allendy was useful to him. On his side, he had bad news from his mother whose fortune is devaluing at sight, and if he does not work, it will be a terrible disaster: Pray therefore to the gods that are yours: one always has gods, that my own affairs will be settled definitively and maintained... Zervos sale, 1998 n°217.
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