Lobi-Birifor statue Burkina Faso Wood H.... - Lot 70 - Binoche et Giquello

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Lobi-Birifor statue Burkina Faso Wood H.... - Lot 70 - Binoche et Giquello
Lobi-Birifor statue
Burkina Faso
H. 59 cm
Remarkable statue of a standing female figure, her limbs partly amputated by use and time. The left leg is missing, the right leg stopped at the ankle. The right arm is broken above the bend of the elbow and the left arm is missing below the shoulder. Despite these amputations, the artist's mastery in sculpting his subject remains intact. The limbs are fine, the lines taut, the modelling sensual and graceful. The arms are well detached from the slender bust. The powerful chest is firmly attached to the straight shoulders. The face is finely modelled, the eyes half-closed, the nostrils delicately hemmed, the lips each adorned with a labret, and the skull wears the yuu-bilami headdress in the form of a skullcap.
The wood is particularly heavy and dense, covered with a sublime brown patina, almost lacquered, polished by handling and ritual use.
Our statue can thus undoubtedly be linked to the style known as "Gbokho", named after the village of Gbokho Gbalathi, where several generations of sculptors worked, the oldest of whom - Sona Pale - developed his characteristic style in the 1860s. Given the qualities of our statue, its age and traces of use, it is possible that it was executed by the hand of the great master himself.
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