CASELLI (Giovanni)

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CASELLI (Giovanni)
Original image transmitted by pantelograph, the first remote transmission system in history. 1860s. Approximately 135 x 105 mm.
Bust portrait of a woman, printed on bluish paper, with a name (illegible) at the bottom of the image and the words Apparatus of Mr. Caselli.
The research carried out by Abbé Caselli (1815-1891) on telegraphic transmission led to the construction of the pantelograph in the middle of the 19th century: Caselli's pantelograph was the first line and the first facsimile transmission service [in the world]; it is therefore an important chapter in the history of writing and drawing, and even more generally in the history of telecommunications. [...] The main technical merit of the Tuscan abbot is to have found the system capable of synchronizing the two devices (the transmitter and the receiver) placed at a great distance and connected by electricity. (Emilio Pucci, "La transmission par fac-similé : invention et premières applications" in Réseaux, n°63, 1994, pp. 125-139).
These ephemeral images transmitted at a distance are extremely rare.
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