DELUC ou DE LUC (Jean-André, dit le jeune)

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DELUC ou DE LUC (Jean-André, dit le jeune)
Important set of manuscripts concerning his geological work. Circa 1815-1830. Preserved in a large modern black cloth portfolio.
Important collection of autograph manuscripts of Jean-André deluc (1763-1847), Swiss historian and geologist.
Following in the footsteps of his father, Guillaume-Antoine, who was Horace de Saussure's collaborator, Jean-André enriched the fine geological collection that he and his uncle had built up. He also published works on the great primitive alpine stones of the Lake Geneva basin and the Arve valley.
The set, which totals more than 1000 pages, is composed as follows:
- 11 notebooks of notes taken between 1815 and 1829 during his geological observations, written in pencil, more rarely in ink, and sometimes accompanied by original drawings; in addition to the scientific notes, there are sometimes personal comments on expenses, hotel addresses, details on transportation, etc.
- A notebook in-4, titled Third notebook of my geological observations from September 1816 to 1819 (about 200 pages).
- Files and leaflets of various sizes, relating to his work in progress (about 400 pages: observations made in the vicinity of Veirier sous Salève, groups found at the western base of Mont-Salève, places in the Geneva basin where I found chlorite granite, mamelon at the confluence under the Bois de la Batie, list of places in the Geneva plain where amphibolite pebbles are found, origin of the scattered pebbles in the Geneva basin, on the collection of Louis Jurine, blocks observed by M. Necker in the canton of Vaud, on the primordial rocks of the Arve valley (memoir addressed to his uncle Jean-André, known as the elder, at Windsor), etc. Among these manuscripts are also letters from various scientists (Auguste Bravard, Lardy de Lausanne, J. L. Dupan).
In 1939, the University of Yale acquired a large part of the Deluc family archives (about 5,000 items), in particular the scientific writings and personal correspondence of Jean-André (1727-1817), the uncle, and certain documents of his nephew Jean-André (1763-1847): Jean André DeLuc, 1763-1847, nephew of the preceding, was primarily a geologist and palaeontologist. He evidently received an inspiration in his chosen field from his father, Guillaume Antoine DeLuc, and more particularly from his more famous uncle, Jean André. A little over a half of the DeLuc collection in the Library represents papers in the nephew's hand. They contain primarily informal writings in the various subjects treated in the form of notes for lectures which he delivered in Geneva (Yale Archives website, online).
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