LABOUREUR (Pierre de)

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LABOUREUR (Pierre de)
Discours de l'utilité du maniement des armes, de l'harquebuze, mousquet & pique, & de l'Académie necessaire dans Paris pour cet effet. S.l.n.d. [c. 1610]. In-8, 32 pages, modern bradel boards.
A very rare first edition, dedicated to Marie de Médicis.
The only copy that we have been able to locate in public collections is in the BnF (Reserve).
Project of creation in Paris of a private Academy for the training of the handling of weapons.
Observing that there were academies, jousts and ring races in Paris to train young nobles in the handling of weapons, but no institution for the sons of artizans, soldiers, officers & of all sorts of qualities, the author requests permission to create this institution where all those who wish to be instructed in the handling of the harquebusze, musket and pike will be taught at a very good price [...]. The work ends with a sonnet addressed to the queen.
The project was accepted and the academy came into being around 1613-1614: La Laubarède and the Laboureur were at the head of this academy; they had officers under them who carried out their orders: those who swore were fined; and the officers, in order to carry out the exercise, could not leave the gates of Paris without the permission of the king, the governor, and the provost of the merchants. [...] this academy did not last long (La Chesnaye des Bois).
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