POETIC TOMBS OF DE THOU. - V. C. Ioannis... - Lot 36 - Binoche et Giquello

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POETIC TOMBS OF DE THOU. - V. C. Ioannis... - Lot 36 - Binoche et Giquello
POETIC TOMBS OF DE THOU. - V. C. Ioannis Thuani, Regis Consiliari... Tumulus. Paris, Mamert Patisson, 1580 - V. Ampliss. Christophori Thuani, tumulus. Paris, Mamert Patisson, 1583. - Christophoro Thuani... funebris laudatio. Paris, Jean Richer, 1583. Set of 3 works in one volume in-4, burgundy half cloth with corners (Modern binding).
A collection of three rare poetic tombs, each in first edition, published on the death of two members of the de Thou family.
The first tomb includes 25 pieces, among which are six pieces by Jean Dorat, three by Jean Passerat, two by Rapin, Latin and Greek pieces by Florent Chrestien, and a Latin piece by Jacques-Auguste de Thou, brother of the deceased (cf. Lachèvre, Recueils collectifs de poésie du XVIe siècle, pp. 249-250)
Died in 1579, Jean de Thou was Master of the Requests of the King's House.
Of the 73 pieces that make up the second tomb, ten are in Greek, three in Hebrew and one in Syriac. Claude Binet, Florent Chrestien, Du Bartas, Robert Estienne, Scévole de Sainte-Marthe, Muret, Morel and Scaliger are among the authors who were asked to pay homage to Christophe de Thou (1508-1582), the famous magistrate and first president of the Parliament of Paris, father of the illustrious bibliophile Jacques-Auguste.
Lachèvre, Bibliographie des recueils collectifs de poésie du XVIe siècle (p. 253).
The last tomb is dedicated to Achille de Harlay, successor of Christophe de Thou to the presidency of the Parliament of Paris. It contains three eulogies composed at his request by three of his students (Gilles Brulart, Paul Danguechin and Jean Burdin) and the poem De Christophori Thuani... morte, which has a special title page and pagination.
Modern bookplate: Vignier.
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