École française vers 1800 d'après Augustin Pajou (1730-1809)

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École française vers 1800 d'après Augustin Pajou (1730-1809)
Allegory of the birth of the Dauphin
Proven model in terracotta with reference points
H. 48 cm
Related work:
Augustin Pajou, Venus in the guise of
Marie-Antoinette presenting her first son, the Dauphin Louis, born in 1781, terracotta-style patinated plaster,
H. 45.5 x W. 24 x D. 25.5 cm, Versailles, Château de Versailles, inv. MV 8108
Related literature:
James David Draper, Guilhem Scherf, Pajou: Sculpteur du Roi, 1730-1809, cat. exp. Paris, Musée du Louvre, 20 October 1997-19 January 1998, New York, the Metropolitan museum of art, 26 February-24 May 1998, Paris, Réunion des musées nationaux, 1997, model listed under no. 88, pp. 217-218
The model of this group was commissioned by the Count of Angiviller to the sculptor Augustin Pajou in order to celebrate the birth of the Dauphin of France, the first son of King Louis XVI and Queen Marie-Antoinette. Faced with the unfavourable reception of the work by the public, the Count of Angiviller forced the sculptor to modify the features of the face and to remove the fleur-de-lys that adorned the drapery in order to erase any resemblance to Marie-Antoinette. Following these modifications, the group was sold by the factory; three copies were acquired by the king. Most of the porcelain and terracotta copies on the market are modern proofs.
Our terracotta proof seems to be a model with reference points for the Sèvres edition.
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