Ɵ Dan/We Mask, Ivory Coast Wood, iron H.... - Lot 44 - Binoche et Giquello

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Ɵ Dan/We Mask, Ivory Coast Wood, iron H.... - Lot 44 - Binoche et Giquello
Ɵ Dan/We Mask, Ivory Coast
Wood, iron
H. 25,4 cm - L. 15,2 cm
Dan/We Mask, Ivory Coast
H. 10 in - W. 6 in 18 000/
- Collected by Emil Storrer, Zürich
- Private collection
- Eberhard Fisher and Himmelheber Hans, Die Kunst der Dan, Rietberg Museum, Zürich, 1976, p. 99, n°71
- Eberhard Fisher and Himmelheber Hans, The Arts of the Dan in West Africa, Rietberg Museum, Zürich, 1984, p. 63, n°67
Emil Storrer (1917-1989), a great traveller and collector, criss-crossed West Africa and especially the Ivory Coast in the early 1950s. In Korhogo, he met the garage owner Simon Escarré, himself a great collector and hunter, with whom he became friends, as well as Father Convers in Senufo country. He provided major objects to the Rietberg Museum, the Barbier-Mueller Museum and to major private collectors.
This dance mask with its powerful features is dominated by a frontal mass supporting the eyebrows which overhang inquisitive tubular eyes framing a strong nose with large wings. The very prominent mouth opens onto a double row of blunt teeth that invite respect.
The iron in the middle of the forehead reinforces the power of this mask. Numerous round and rectangular holes for attaching the costume, which covered the wearer, encircle the mask. On the back, which bears the inscription in white ink '125 Guéré-Dan', the traces of the adze remain perfectly visible.
Very beautiful brown-black patina of use glazed on a hard wood.
The description of this mask reflects the representation of a proud and threatening male spirit in the Poro ceremonies. To the boys and villagers, this mask and its wearer inspired fear and respect, as women were not allowed to approach this mask during periods of seclusion.
This is one of the very fine examples of masks of this type.
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