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TURKESTAN. - [Military Topographic Service... - Lot 48 - Binoche et Giquello
TURKESTAN. - [Military Topographic Service of Turkestan]. [Military map of Turkestan...]. 1877/1881. Colour lithography Chromolithographed map divided into 64 segments. Covered and folded. Dedication in pen on the back: "To Baron Benoit-Mechin on behalf of G.aux Kouropatkin and Levaschew (?) October 1882. Taschekent". Slightly yellowed paper, a few freckles. Good condition. 1400 x 1980 mm.
Cyrillic military monumental map of Turkestan, dated 1877 and corrected in 1881. The map is dedicated to Baron Benoit-Méchin from Generals Kouropatkine and Levaschew, and dated October 1881, Taschekent. During the second half of the 19th century, this region was the scene of intense political rivalry between Great Britain and Imperial Russia, known as the "great game". During this period, the Russian Empire conquered vast areas in Central Asia. It assigned most of the territory it had just acquired to the newly established governorate general of Turkestan.
"Benoist-Méchin is the son of Alfred Benoist, receiver of finances (son of Colonel Jacques-Gabriel Benoist, general councillor and mayor of Saint-Denis) and Marie-Élisabeth Méchin (daughter of Baron Alexandre Méchin, imperial prefect).
In 1873-1874 he visited South Asia in the company of two friends, Gouy d'Arsy and G. Jeannel. He saw Ceylon and Java, hunted elephants on the Malacca peninsula and travelled from Tien-Tsin to Peking. "From 1879 to 1883, Stanislas Benoist-Méchin stayed in China and Japan with the Count of Mailly-Chalon. The two travellers then visited Indochina, travelled through Siberia (1880), Manchuria (1881) and again Siberia (1882). In 1883, they travelled to Turkestan, passed through Khiva, Bukhara and Merv before reaching Persia where they visited Meched and Tehran". Alexeï Nikolaïevitch Kouropatkine. In 1876, he took part in military operations in Turkestan, Kokand and Samarkand.
He gained a great reputation during the Russo-Turkish War of 1877-1878 as Chief of Staff to General Skobelev.
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