GUILLAUMET (Tannequin).

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GUILLAUMET (Tannequin).
A treatment for the newly called crystalline disease. - Xenodocal book, i.e. Hospital, or place of poor living. - Describes spontaneous openings, holes and ulcers. Lyon, Pierre Rigaud, 1611. Set of 3 books in one volume in-12, soft vellum, remnants of laces (contemporary binding).
Krivatsy, n°5125, 5126 and 5128.
Original editions.
The crystalline disease described by Tannequin (or Thévenin?) Guillaumet, surgeon of Nîmes, is none other than syphilis. The author defines it as an unnatural indisposition, caused by poisonous vapour, by the mating of a man with a dirty woman, or by the opposite. He reports and examines a legend according to which this venereal disease would also be the consequence of cannibalistic acts.
The second work is incomplete of sheets B1 and C9-10. Wetness, stain and small worm work throughout the volume. Dirt on the last page, the last leaves are dented. Vellum stained and partly uncoupled from the volume. Final guard partly missing.
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