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Romanarum historiarum. Paris, Charles Estienne, 1551.
In-folio, speckled brown calf, double cold-filleted, spine ribbed, title piece, gilt edges, slipcase (Modern pastiche binding).
Renouard, Estienne, p. 102. - Mortimer, French books, n°29.
Editions princeps de l'Histoire romaine d'Appianus. This one, based on manuscripts from the Royal Bookshop, was published by Charles Estienne, who completed the undertaking begun by his brother Robert.
Remarkable printing with the beautiful "Greeks of the King", typefaces cut by Claude Garamond.
Copy with the title beautifully set in the English style. It comes from the library of Michael Wodhull (1740-1816), a great British bibliophile and the first translator of Euripides into English, as indicated by this purchase mention in the pen (Payne's Sale M. Woodhull June 2, 1770) affixed on a white guard, preserved from the old binding: a copy of this Appian of 1551 appears well in the Wodhull catalogue (1886) under the n°155, with this fine note copy in russia, gilt edges, by Mrs Weir, with Wodhull arms in gold; the ruler of the title of our volume, characteristic of the pen of Mrs Weir, wife of Richard Weir, famous bookbinder of the Earl Mac-Carthy Reagh, reinforces our opinion concerning this provenance.
Freckles on a few leaves, especially on the title.
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