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Contractae ex veteribus medicinae tetrabiblos. Basel, Froben, 1542. In-folio, brown calf, ancient dishes decorated with a diamond-shaped-rectangle pattern drawn by cold fillets, central fleuron, spine with nerves (modern binding).
Durling, n°46.
Pretty Basel edition printed in Roman characters of the Latin translation by Janus Cornarius of the Tetrabiblos, a complete course in medicine by Aetius of Amide, a Greek physician who lived in the 6th century and was in the service of Emperor Justinian.
Johann Haynpol of Zwickau, known as Janus Cornarius (1500-1558), Hellenist and German physician, mainly translated the great medical authors of Antiquity: Galenius, Aetius, Paul of Aegina, Dioscorides and especially Hippocrates.
Manuscript ex-libris on the title of a 17th century physician (Joannes Le Moine).
The last leaf bearing the mark is missing. Small paper cut-out at the foot of notebook G, light-coloured wetness and gallery of verses touching several notebooks, the last 6 table leaves restored in the margin. Original binding covers brought back.
AMERICANA. See lots 206, 257, 258, 285, 286, 287 and 288.
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